From Donegal Ireland and formed in the summer of 1990, Goats Don’t Shave had a great run for six years. They released two albums, had a few hit singles which includes the now classic ‘Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal’. They toured extensively throughout Ireland, England and the USA, met great people, formed a loyal fan base and had great craic. In the spring of 1996 after a particularly hectic tour of the USA a road weary band decided to take a break to rest up and concentrate on family and other interests. Time slipped by very quickly. Some members got married, had kids (that’s children not baby goats) and life moved on. Almost 20 years would pass before they performed again. Since then they have only gotten together three or four times a year to blow the cobwebs off the instruments and perform a few shows. 

It's funny that when someone tells you you can't do something you want to do it even more, and that was the case for the Goats. Pat Gallagher, the lead singer, songwriter and driving force behind the band said, “not being able to perform over the past two years because of lockdown and this bloody virus, made us want to perform even more. So hopefully now we can see an end to lockdown and travel restrictions, I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the road.” 

The band is planning to schedule quite a few shows this year and tour extensively in 2023, and maybe even a few trips across the pond. Over the years Pat has continued with his songwriting, so expect a few great new tunes to hit the airwaves also. “I know it's gonna be great to get back out there meeting old friends and making new ones” said Pat. You can follow the band on all the usual social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

London's Time Out Magazine voted Goats Don't Shave best live band two years in a row. NME magazine writes, ‘Goats Don’t Shave are a great band to listen to but seeing them live is an experience you will never forget.’ 

Goats Don't Shave, coming to a venue near you. Don't miss it.